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    Extra Murals

    There are several extra-mural activities offered at St Lizzies after 12h30. All of our extra murals are run by independent companies and are charged separately from school fees and aftercare.

    Monday – Pottery (12h30-13h00)

                  – Robotics for Grade R’s (12h30-13h00) 

    Tuesday – Gymnastics (12h30-13h00) 

    Wednesday – Ballet (12h30-13h00) 

                        – Soccer Starz (1st Session) (12h15-12h45)

                        – Soccer Starz (2nd Session) (13h00-13h30)

    Thursday – Glide & Ride (12h30-13h10)

    Friday – Playball (1st Session) (12h05-12h35)

               – Playball (2nd Session) (12h40-13h10)