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    Play is the serious business of childhood




    Activities – Sand play, water play, sensopathic activities, mud, clay modelling, woodwork, climbing apparatus.Here a child builds a strong and healthy body while climbing, running, jumping and balancing. The activities provide opportunity for :

    1. pleasure and delight
    2. the development of skills
    3. social contacts
    4. the release of emotions
    5. constructive, imaginative and creative play.

    This area is under supervision of two teachers.


    StLizzies_26 CREATIVE AREA
    Activities – Painting, drawing, cutting and painting, anti-waste constructions,: special activities and dough modeling.Here a child satisfies his needs to experiment and create. The activities provide opportunity for:

    1. use of colour and development of form
    2. control of fine muscles and co-ordination
    3. learning through senses
    4. the development of skills.




    Activities – Domestic play – ie: dolls, tea-sets etc., dressing-up, shop, puppets, blocks and supportive toys, eg: cars and boats.

    This is where a child is free to express his conception of the everyday world or how he wishes or imagines it to be. The activities provide opportunities for:

    1. enjoyment
    2. self expression through the enactment of different roles
    3. release from frustration and fears
    4. creative and constructive areas
    5. the stimulation of creative and imaginative play
    6. encouragement of the inhibited child

    A fairy garden is available for our Grade R children, encouraging imaginative play and responsibility.  The children help to care for this special garden.

    StLizzies_06 COGNITIVE AREA

    Activities – Puzzles, books, games, constructive toys.

    This is where the child satisfies his need to achieve and learns to use his mind in all ways necessary for intellectual development. The activities provide opportunity for:

    1. the acquisition of skills
    2. developing powers of thinking and reasoning
    3. eye-hand co-ordination
    4. to share and take turns
    5. concentration and perseverence
    6. language development