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    Great School

    St Lizzies is a great school that has always promoted the best growth for the child.


    My Best Memories – Hilton

    my best memories of St. Lizzies are…. Meeting some of my lifelong friends. The teachers really helped me feel more confident of myself at such an early stage. Why did you choose St. Lizzies for your child………… Excellent teachers and we have really seen our daughter grow into a more confident child. She really looks forward to each day at school.


    My Best Memories – Gill

    my best memories of St. Lizzies are…. Playing on the jungle gym and swings with friends, songs and dances at ring time in the classroom and hours of fun at the water trough.  Why you chose St. Lizzies for your children…… because St. Lizzies is still such a beautiful, caring and nurturing environment where kids can learn safely and freely, the same experience I remember having as a child!  So that is really reassuring as a Mom – I know that my children are well looked after everyday!